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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  May 5, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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next time my father make you drive the tractor. a new, more intense search of the ocean floor. officials from malaysia, australia and china announce the next steps in the hunt for malaysian airlines flight 370. we'll surely get them out. nigeria's president vows to find hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls, even as he admits he has no idea where they are. >> and should joey adams go free after four days of questioning in connection with a decades old murder? let me be very clear. i am innocent of any involvement
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in any conspiracy to abduct or kill her. >> the defense for oscar pistorius heads into the homestretch of his murder trial. the next few weeks could be crucial for the disabled olympian. thanks for joining us. you are watching cnn newsroom. >> we would like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. ♪ the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370 is entering a new phase and it will cover territory never chartered before. >> after nearly two months scouring 4.6 million square kilometers, officials are still empty handed. the bluefin 21 sonar probe will
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be used for at least another month but authority also bring in additional underwater technology to map the seabed. >> cnn's will ripley is live in kuala lumpur. will, we heard from that news conference that was held earlier, no trace found of the missing plane, but the high level officials confident that they're in the right place. what is their plan? >> reporter: they simply are, but their plan, and this begins on wednesday, is to take another look at all of the data that's been accumulated so far. not just the satellite data that were registering hourly pings with the plane, but they're going to be looking at the data that's been collected in all of these weeks of searching, including the underwater maps from the bluefin 21, any recorded information from the
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visual search conducted with more than 300 planes and many ships, as well. 14 ships all together are scouring this area. 4.6 million square kilometers. as they're analyzing all this data, that will allow them to take a second look with some of the best experts in the world and make sure that in fact they have the confidence that they expressed today. the deputy prime minister explains this process in more detail. >> meetings will commence on wednesday with international experts to analyze all the data and the information that has been collected so far that is likely to help us identify the path of mh-370. together with all of the data that has been accumlated during the search itself. >> reporter: at the same time, rosemary, we also know there will be other meetings talking about the different kinds of
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technology available right now, technology they'll use to search this area of the southern indian ocean that is so deep, an area we know so little about. it's remarkable as well, the limited amount of technology there is out there to conduct this type of work. the search chief says you can count on one hand five pieces of technology around the world to bring in to use here. so should be interesting to decide what they do here in the days and weeks to come. >> they're really scaling back the number of people involved in this operation. we heard headquarters will be shifted from perth to cambra and what will the next phase look like? >> reporter: perth is far to the west on the western coast.
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cambra is easy to get to for a lot of the international experts they'll be flying in. so that's why they've shifted the joint agency coordination center to that part of australia. just it's more easily accessible. however, the base of operations for the ships and what not, any planes deployed, that will remain in perth. and they'll be ready to shift operations back to perth if they find something of substance. but fewer people are needed because the technology is so precise. they're not blanketing the ocean anymore with eyes looking from above, looking on the surface. they're going to have these specific pieces of technology that will scan deep below. >> many thanks to our will ripley live there in kuala lumpur? it's just past 10:00 in the morning in ukraine. there have been outbreaks of
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violence and protests over the past few days. including this pro-russian demonstrators storming a police station in odessa. we get more now from phil black. >> reporter: most of this crowd just stood in the rain and screamed. demanding freedom to the pro-russian activists held inside the police station. but others wanted to break them out. they desperately attacked the building, smashing whatever they could, and the crowd cheered them on. eventually they broke through into the station's inner courtyard. the police didn't try to stop them. but the crowd was offered a deal, those detained would be released if everyone went home.
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rage suddenly replaced by joy. public enemies of the ukrainian government walked free. they chant "all for one, one for all." another victory for a violent crowd. yet another humiliation for the country's police. these men are coming out and greeted as heroes, with smiles, hugs, even crying. while these people celebrated the freedom of the living, another large gathering mourned the dead. this was outside the trade union building where forces clashed friday. more than 40 killed, mostly pro-russians as fire spread through the building. there was anger here, too.
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but mostly grief. they cried openly for people they didn't know. the deaths here inspire ukraine's interim prime minister to come to odessa, pleading for national unity. >> this is the wakeup call for the entire country. for reconciliation. we need to realize that russians want to eliminate our country. >> reporter: his message is a tough sell. the city where so many now believe people who speak russian are being killed and arrested by forces loyal to the ukrainian government. phil black, cnn, odessa, southern ukraine. police in northern ireland have released joey adams without charges, although prosecutors will study whether the evidence warrants any accusations. adams was questioned for four days about the murder of a woman
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killed back in 1972. adams was rushed out the back gate of the police station while loyalist protesters gathered at the front. at a news conference later, he insisted he was not involved in the death of a widow the ira believed was a british informant. >> let me be very clear, i am innocent of any involvement to abduct, kill, or bury her. i worked hard with others to have this injustice redressed and for the return of bodies held during the conflict and secretly buried by the ira and i will continue to do so. >> she is one of the people known as the disappeared who the ira admitted to killing during 30 years of sectarian conflict. her remains were found buried on a beach in 2003. northern island's deputy minister called adams' arrest a
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deliberate attempt to influence upcoming elections. we're joined now with more on this. peter, jerry adams made an appeal for calm after he was released. has that been the case overnight? >> reporter: it certainly has been on the pro-irish side of the community. however, there has been trouble in a british community, petrol bombs have been thrown at police. so there has been some trouble. but i guess reasonably quiet. >> politically, there seems to be a lot of tension in the government there. will that be a permanent issue or will this all pass in time? >> reporter: it is a permanent issue. northern ireland, there's this tension all the time. you have previously sworn enemies working together in government. it's always tense at the best of times, things like this do not help. jerry adams arrested, all the drama yesterday of the release
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of the loyalist protest, the trouble overnight. so yes, this does not help. there is tension between the two parties and the coalition government. but the big thing at the moment is, this is an election campaign. we're right in the middle of it. so tensions are always high at this particular time any way. >> i guess much of that political tension will depend on if, in fact, adams is actually formally charged by prosecutors at a later date. is that likely? >> absolutely. prosecutors will receive a file from the police service of northern ireland. one would have thought if police had a strong case they would have charged adams himself and he would be in court today. that of course has not happened. so it's not up to prosecutors to decide if there's enough evidence, if they have a reasonable prospect of a cop
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vi -- conviction of gerry adams. >> peter, thanks so much. and the government says the death toll in last month's ferry disaster is now 260. on sunday, president park returned to the site to meet with families of the 42 people still missing. relatives are still angry over the pace of the recovery. no one has been found alive since the ship sank on april 16. when we come back on cnn newsroom, in nigeria, three weeks and still no sign of more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls. >> the country's president breaks his silence about the abductions. we'll hear what he had to say. >> >> also ahead, how a day at the circus ended in tragedy after an aerial stunt went terribly wrong. i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home.
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for the first time in almost three weeks, nigeria's president has spoken out about last month's kidnappings of 200 girls taken by islamist militants from their school dormitories in the northeast. >> the president insisted on sunday that the government has been working tirelessly to track down the girls, and he vowed to find them. >> let me again reassure everyone that i appreciate the concern globally. it's good for us to express our displeasure by this act of a few people to take the country backwards.
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>> international outrage over the missing girls is growing. demonstrators gathered sunday outside the nigerian high commission in london calling for the release of the girls who were taken. they could be heard chanting "bring them back" and "not for sale." a social media campaign has gone vishl with demands that the nigerian government to more to find the abducted girls. >> what about the young schoolgirls not taken but coping with this threat which hangs over them every day they turn up to school? >> isha sesay sat down with three such girls who say despite the danger they are determined to get an education. >> reporter: tell me about the impact that this had among your group of friends and what people were saying in school and how it affected your lives. >> most of the friends, after
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lectures, everyone goes home. most of us, we didn't really feel safe. so we just came to school and immediately went back home. >> did you ever think about not going to school? >> yeah, it crossed my mind. but i felt if i stayed at home, it might happen to me at home, it can happen to me at school. >> sometimes it's not about not going to school. even if you go to school, do you feel comfortable in class? >> the concern obviously is that not where you're from maybe but this will have an impact and more and more girls will become afraid and we know that they're already large numbers of girls going to school in the north. talk to me about your feelings
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about the future for where you're from? >> to be honest with you, if this goes on, many parents in the north, i don't think they will allow their daughters go to school. sometimes the schools are closer to home. to get a college education, we have to go further from home. >> after all this has settled and the girls are returned back safely, still it will affect you. if it happened there, it can happen here.
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[ indiscernible ] the girls' dreams are crushed, which is something we don't want. >> and we need to go to school so we can be who we want to be. many girls, i wish you could talk to many of us. many say i want to be a lawyer, i want to be a nurse. you can get only 2% that will tell you i just want to marry and be a mother, just be a housewife. she wants to be heard.
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she wants to help society be a better one. >> three brave young women there speaking out. we'll have much more on the search for the missing girls coming up later today during a special edition of "cnn news center." isha sesay will anchor that show, that's tonight at 7:30 in london. two buses exploded on a highway in kenya sunday, killing at least three people. one blast ripped a hole in the side and blew out the windows. at least seven people were wounded in the attacks. kenyan authorities are treating the explosions as terrorism and expected to release more details on their investigation in the coming hours. no one has yet claimed responsibility. this comes a day after two other deadly explosions in mumbasa. after a short break, a circus performance ends in tragedy. >> we'll tell you why a stunt
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known as the human chandelier, sent acrobats crashing to the ground. and the cleanup from flooding begins in italy, but the country is not out of the woods just yet. stay with us. help move your c. here's how: we work with leading employers to learn what you need to learn so classes impact your career. while helping ensure credits you've already earned pay off. and we have career planning tools to keep you on track every step of the way. plus the freshman fifteen, isn't really a thing here. and graduation, it's just the beginning. because we build education around where you want to go. so, you know, you can get the job you want. ready, let's get to work.
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a group of acrobatics plunged to the ground. here's more on this. >> reporter: emergency crews returned to the duncan donuts center after a circus stunt went wrong. this video shows the tragic moment eight acrobats hanging from a circus hoop by their hair fell to the ground. >> first i thought it was the act. they were doing acrobats with their hair. >> i was worried for the people,
12:24 am
for their welfare. hopefully they're all right. >> reporter: the general manager of the circus held back tears while talking about the performers. >> we ask everybody to pray for the girls. >> reporter: several parents said thankfully their children didn't know the seriousness of what happened. >> yeah, it's a bunch of kids. they don't know. they dimmed all the lights. >> reporter: safety tests are down routinely and they don't know what went wrong. >> this apparatus had been used for multiple performances since january. >> reporter: now authorities are investigating the incident. >> this should. happen, and we'll get to the bottom of why it happened and make sure it doesn't happen going forward. cleanup is under way in italy after heavy rains this weekend. the central italian port on the
12:25 am
adriatic coast was especially hard hit. a river breached its banks, submerging streets and washing away cars. entire homes are destroyed. the weather is blamed for at least two deaths. let's get some more on these floods. just extraordinary devastation there. >> and plenty more rain left, unfortunately, at least in the coming couple of days. you take a look, the storm that was responsible for the mess beginning to move off towards turkey. a tornado threat on the increase in western turkey. but this tomorrow system beginning to push into the coast and the bay of bisque. so you put the storm system in the united states, it measures from san diego to new orleans. forecast brings it towards the middle portion of the weak. of course, we know considerable
12:26 am
damage left in place with the storm system, but the rainfall in the region, upwards of six everyones in portions of serbia. you see croatia, over five inches. it is going to be on the move as it pushes through western turkey. turkey not well known for tornado activity, about 30 tornadoes so far in 2014, the vast majority on the ef-0 to 1 scale. but still damage could be done. heavy rain is in the forecast, large hail and a possibility of tornadoes that goes out of istanbul south. want to transition and take you toward the north and east of the country out there with a significant landslide occurred
12:27 am
here. you see the scarring left in place. we know some 300 homes were situated on that hill hop. you see the opposite side of the hill, this is one of the most destructive landslides in the country in ten years. at least 300 people killed thus far, but it could be well over 1,000 when the numbers are tabulated here. >> this is a relatively quiet part of afghanistan, a country which is racked by violence everywhere. this part of the country -- >> the one area that is secure. >> and now this. >> thanks, pedro. still to come, we'll go to south africa. >> the oscar pistorius murder trial resumes in just a few minutes. the defense could call the manager of the housing development where the story has lived. >> and the uneasy standoff between pro-russian militants and government forces in eastern
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just after 3:30 on a monday morning on the east coast. we would like to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world. >> let's check the headlines this hour. authorities say the next phase of the search for the missing malaysian flight 370 will focus on mapping large parts of the floor of the indian ocean and
12:31 am
more underwater assets will be used. no traces of the jet liner have been found after nearly two months. >> in odessa, ukraine, demonstrators held this rally that took place earlier in the day. ukraine's acting president says the russian federation is at war with his country but insists the pro-russian factions would not break ukraine's resolve. nigeria's president spoke on sunday for the first time about the abductions of more than 200 schoolgirls last month. he said the government is searching for them but doesn't know where they are. he vowed to find them. critics say his government has not done enough. ♪ after a two-week easter recess, the murder trial of olympic star oscar pistorius is set to resume any moment now. >> the defense team will be
12:32 am
looking to strengthen its case. he's pleaded not guilty to the charges, which include premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. it's two months since the trial began with aggressive questioning from prosecution and defense. the most aggressive of all, the prosecutor's heated cro cross-examination of the track star himself. >> screamed and said get the [ bleep ] out of my house. >> these other versions of yours -- >> it's not true -- >> you fired at her, you did. why are you getting emotional now? >> i did not fire at reeva. >> prosecutor nel has repeatedly accused pistorius of hiding behind his emotions.
12:33 am
we're joined now live. kelly, what can we expect to see on this first day back in court? >> reporter: court has just resumed a few minutes ago, and we know that the first witness for the defense is the estate manager johan standa. he be a critical witness. first of all, he was on the state's witness list and they did not call him. and we know that he and his daughter were the first two people on the scene in the immediate aftermath after the killing. so their perspective of what they witnessed immediately after the killing will be very important context for the judge to consider in terms of the rest of the evidence and testimony. >> and kelly, talk to us about the ballistics expert and why his evidence will be so important at this point. >> reporter: well, the state has relied heavily on what we call ballistics.
12:34 am
they've argued that the ballistics should be rid that he did not fire the shots in quick succession. this means that he therefore had the time to form a cold and calculated intention to kill whoever was behind the door. the defense have disputed that version and that interpretation of the ballistics, and they will no doubt put their open expert on the stand to support their version of events that the shots were, in fact, fired in quick succession and should be taken as evidence of the fact that pistorius was terrified and was panicking and had no time to form a clear intention to kill. >> what about the psychologist, what can we expect to hear from that witness? >> well, the psychologist is going to be a critical witness with regard to the culpable homicide charge, swi the lesser offense on the killing charge, on the murder charge, that being negligent killing.
12:35 am
we expect the psychologist to put evidence on the stand pertaining to the impact that pistorius' double amputation would have had on his frame of mind and the manner in which he engages with the world around him. this will particularly be used to support his claim, his consistent claim that it was his added sense of vulnerability because he was on his stumps when this occurred that led him to panic and make this critical error believing it was an intruder he was defending himself against. >> and kelly, there's been this two-week break. where do things stand right now with this trial? >> reporter: we're commencing with the heart of the defense's case. we know that they expect to call anywhere between 15 to 17 witnesses, and so far they've only had three witnesses on the stand. so we expect in the following two weeks to see them focusing on some of the crucial parts of testimony so far. so for example, things like the
12:36 am
neighbors having heard screaming and claiming it was the screams of a woman and that being reeva steenkamp. we expect them to have other witnesses say no, it was mr. pistorius screaming. so getting witnesses on the stand that strike at central parts of the state's case, because after all, all the defense needs to do is lay a foundation for some reasonable doubt rather than proving their case. >> many thanks to kelly joining us from outside the court in south africa. in odessa, ukraine, prosecutors are opening an investigation into the release of 67 protesters. >> the prisoners were arrested during the confrontations on friday that sparked a huge fire and left 46 people dead. ukraine's prime minister charges
12:37 am
that russian special forces are responsible for that you know rest. and closer to the border with russia, a fragile truce is in place. >> that's where the militants attacked police bases earlier in the weekend. as arwa damon shows, protesters have grown bold and show no fear of government authorities. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the deadline was 6:00 p.m. saturday, and when reinforcements from western ukraine did not leave, they came under attack at their temporary base. a military recruitment center. where are the gunman, someone shouts? men from another base try to respond, but found themselves under fire at their gate. they shot the checkpoint, the window and the car we had
12:38 am
blocking the entrance, this lieutenant colonel tells us. they eventually negotiated at sending away the nonlocal forces and agreed. we won't leave here with our weaponses and they won't block us. a small unit of pro-russian fighters returns to the scene to pick up their car that broke down the night before. kited out in battle gear, confident and cockey. so i have military experience? bring me one of your navy s.e.a.l.s and i will show you military experience nikolai boasts. who is going to get rid of us? everyone is scared of us. he insists he would prefer not to fight as long as kiev acknowledges that this is their russian land. that message is well understood here as the ukrainian unit brings out a car battery for the
12:39 am
militants who attacked them the night before. an uneasy truce in an increasingly hostile and murky environment. this is the military recruitment center that is now under control of the pro-russian camp. but it's located right in the middle of a civilian neighborhood and the population here is finding itself on the front line. yuri lives across the street, pointing to the bullet holes left from the battle. "we fell to the ground and lay down in the bathroom away from the windows," he says. blaming and despising kiev for it all. arwa damon, cnn, ukraine. >> we're going to take a short break right now. but still to come on cnn newsroom, donald sterile brought the clippers for a pittance decades ago. >> $12 million is a pittance to some. but now the team is worth a lot
12:40 am
more. the question is, how much will sterling profit from his racist rant? >> and it appears that actor/director ben affleck has an unexpected talent that got him banned from the blackjack tables in las vegas. the details when we come back. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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it's the first full trading week of the month. but will investors sell in may and go away? the stock traders almanac shows the time frame from may through october is typically the worst
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six months of the year for the market. on average, the s&p 500 has gained 1.3% in that period. compare that to a more than 7% increase in the other six months of the year. it's partly because money managers and investors close their books for the summer and head to their summer homes. as for the economical l calendan the previous reports, service sector activity edged higher. earnings reports are due from several companies. company shares for groupon are down 40% since the start of 2014. in february, the discount's website forecast a disappointing profit for the first quarter due to higher cost for acquisitions
12:43 am
and marketing. wall street will be looking for insight into how executives plan to turn groupon into a broader service. i'm alison kosik in new york. we turn now to the scandal surrounding donald sterling, the disgraced owner of the los angeles clippers. his estranged wife says she supports the league's decision to appoint a new chief executive office tore the team. >> that comes after he was banned from the team for life for makes racist life, all caught on tape. and the red bull company that makes those energy drinks is resuming its relationship with the team after cutting ties over the scandal. one thing missing from shelly sterling's statement, any mention of a possible sale of the team. the nba commissioner is pressing for it. >> but other owners have to sign off on it.
12:44 am
if it happened, the question is, how much would the clippers be worth? >> reporter: we spoke to a number of banks that specialized in the sports industry. the thinking is, the l.a. clippers could go for between $850 million to $1 billion. so how do they get that number? how do they get $1 billion for a team like the clippers? the answer is, they look at other teams for example that recently sold. we know that the kings recently told for $535 million. we know that the milwaukee bucks recently told for $550 million. which is a huge amount of money when you consider that the bucks are in a much smaller tv market than the clippers. for example, and they're in dire need of a new arena. people are seeing if the milwaukee bucks can sell for $550 million, surely the clippers must be worth a whole lot more, especially when you consider that los angeles is the second largest tv market in the country.
12:45 am
we're talking 5.6 million tv households and the clippers' tv deal is up for renewal. so they could renegotiate for a much larger sum of money. on top of that, you have to consider how infrequently a team like the clippers changes hands. the last time they were up for sale is back in 1981, when sterling himself bought them, and so just the rarity of this event will drive the price higher. and anyone who buys the clippers at a time like this stands to benefit from a huge amount of positive publicity. they come in looking like a hero, and there is a premium for that. zane asher, cnn, new york. it would be quite a turn of events to go from steriling to oprah, wouldn't it? >> yes, polar opposites. >> i would like to see that. we'll see what happens. other financial news --
12:46 am
>> the prime minister says lisbon will not need an additional safety net. >> the country won back investor confidence after sticking to austerity reforms. when we come back after the break, there is not much to love about washington these days. >> unless you're at the white house correspondent's dinner. it's the night the commander in chief gets to be the zinger in chief. we'll take you there. uly amazin. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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the film "the amazing spiderman 2" has earned $369 million worldwide. the film saw $277 million in tickets outside the u.s. and canada, boosted by strong opening day sales in china on sunday. the sequel to the franchise reboot made less than expected in north america, earning $92 million during its opening weekend. >> not so amazing after all. okay, a card shark in the making, a blockbuster reunion on
12:49 am
screen and howls of protest from the star of the wolverine picks. let's get some holiday dish from kim serafin. let's start off with ben affleck and black jack. who ben could count cards. did he get banned, what's the story? >> lots of differing stories. first, it was announced he was counting cards and was banned from the hard rock because he was winning too much money. now the story is different, the hard rock saying he's welcome back, he's a valued guest. and apparently, though, according to sources, he was too good at black jack. so maybe he's banned from playing blackjack there. but he's not banned from their property. >> he is a bit of a gambler. i think he lost $400,000 on one
12:50 am
hand a while ago. >> right. but he made $800,000 at some point. he's clearly a good player and he was in vegas, there with jennifer garner because he was going to go off to shoot "batman" very soon. so they were there for a romance getaway. >> brad and angelina, going to make another movie again. they made "mr. and mrs. smith" a few years ago. both of them have been saying their days of acting are coming to an end. >> interesting. angelina has been getting a lot of accolades for her directing, although she is due out at the end of this month with her movie. but reports are now that the two of them are going to be starring in a new movie together. a movie that she wrote herself. apparently it's in the early stages. but to see them star in another movie together, it's been almost ten years, and we all know what happened during "mr. and mrs.
12:51 am
smith." angelina has said, not many get to see where their parents met and fell in love. that caused a lot of controversy, but this would be a huge deal. so expect this to get made. >> jennifer aniston i'm sure can't wait to see it. >> i'm sure. >> finally hugh jackman hey be hanging up the cause, but he did say after seven movies, if there is one more out there with a story to tell, he might do it. i didn't think these movies had a story line. >> they do really well. they make a lot of money at the box office, certainly have made a lot for hugh jackman. we have the new wolverine movie coming out soon or the new x men, but he is saying there is probably another story in there for wolverine. but if there's not enough of a story, he's not going to do it.
12:52 am
it would be interesting, because there was this incident he just faulked about that would happen on the x-men set, he had a little incident with the claws. he asked for a closed set because it was an intense scene. when he walked around a corner, there were a lot of girls there and he went to cover himself up, and he cut himself. luckily it was just on his thigh. >> if he hangs them up, he can give them to jennifer who with use them at the premiere of brad and angelina's new movie. >> oh, dear. >> it all fits in together. >> you should have been a comedian. >> i know. i'm wasted here. >> it's a washington tradition, and no one in the u.s. capitol is immune at the annual white house correspondent's dinner. >> this really is the prom for
12:53 am
nerds. u.s. president barack obama served as comedian in chief, making fun of journalists and his open administration. and he took a jab at his political rival, john boehner, a republican, the best line of the night. >> and i'm feeling sorry, believe it or not, for the speaker of the house, as well. these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. [ laughter ] >> and there he is. president obama making a not so subtle reference to john boehner's perpetual tan. it's not just the stuff of legends -- >> the country hosted the
12:54 am
medieval world combat championships. for the first time women competed. the event is modeled on similar tournaments and featured everything from armor to swords, shields. >> there were tradeoffs. people have preferences, and the big weapons like this two-handed ax can get up to three kilos total weight for the weapon. so it's not the big hollywood thing where people go -- to lift a sword. you have to use these for hours on the battlefield. and the tournament weapons were not very different, because tournament was just a practice for war. >> what's he wearing? what is that? >> that's his little costume. >> good for him. >> and women across the world are thrilled to be part of this, too. this year's champion is from poland, and the female winner from the united states. >> oh, good.
12:55 am
pedro, you're into that, right? >> oh, absolutely. my weekends are filled with that kind of event. i want to talk about what's happening in the u.s. we had historic weather in the way of extreme heat in the central portion of the u.s. talking about 100 degree marker. that is the earliest we've seen 100 in the city of wichita with data that goes back 126 years. that was the high temperature on sunday afternoon. upper 90's in oklahoma city in fahrenheit. about 77 the average for this time of year. and you see where dallas and amarillo, texas stand there. notice the trend, denver you are going to be in the 80s in the afternoon, drops off into the 60s. everyone else keeping it close to 90 degrees. a weak disturbance to speak of
12:56 am
in the rocky mountain states. nothing significant, as we have a strong southerly flow. but a storm system that could cool temperatures off say thursday, friday. in asia, if you're tuned in from hong kong, a week of scattered, soggy conditions in the region. heavy rainfall beginning to move offshore, southern japan, okinawa going to receive heavy rainfall. this is the time of year we transition where we transition into the plum rains. we have the cool air from the north, warm air from the south and where they collide, this front produces rain showers. in fact, the ancient chinese knew it was time to harvest the plums when this pattern set up. it's not just confined to china,
12:57 am
even in japan, korea, heavy rainfall. quick glance over india, quiet conditions, a few disturbances to the south. but that is about it. i want to share with you some extreme temperatures. e across india, 106. but that is below average. so quite extreme heat building here, but this is all ahead of the monsoons, which bring the temperatures back down to reality. >> do you think that 2 degrees making much of a difference? >> when you're above 100, it's all rough. >> thanks, pedro. and thanks for watching. >> stay tuned. [ female announcer ] hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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outrage in odessa. protesters storm a police building, setting prisoners free as ukraine's violence spreads from the east to a major poor city now. the government says russia is to blame as civil war grows closer. we are live with the very latest. expanded. the search for flight 370 now covers a wider part of the ocean floor. but first, a whole lot of preparation. australia, malaysia and china planning what comes next, promising this jet will be foun e